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  2. subscribe to my youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCjHSP_RJp8kPdsG1abEOoaw This script is not encrypted but if you wan't to steal it you can have it. This script is beta only but it's working fine on me. Enjoy and subscribe NOTE: FILE PASSWORD IS IN THE VIDEO YTchannel: itsmespeckles.7z
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  4. Basically the title, every time I attempt to log into google om parallel space I get stuck on the "checking info" part. I've tried reinstalling, restarting my device (Huawei mate 10 pro) and clearing cache but haven't had any success yet. Hopefully anyone here has a solution
  5. Anyone have experience being able to alter the drop chances of certain things in loot boxes? As an example say there is only a 0.05% chance of the only good thing dropping, is there a way to alter that to 100% might differ from game to game but just fishing for info
  6. I have to reset game after every match even if I do auto or manual rapid fire. Any tips?
    Best update so far. Just kinda annoying you have to keep resetting the game even if I do rapid fire auto or manual. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Seems like you're trying to use GG directly without root .Watch the video below to know how to properly install GG without root.If this doesn't help you can find the full guide with other methods here
  8. You can download the macro recorder from here.Once downloaded recording the script file is easy just click on start record your actions stop and save. For advanced scripting options look at the documentation found in the app.
  9. Help! When I start GG it says Daemon isn't starting and it says I need root but I ran it without root
  10. Name of Game: Idle kingdom clicker Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apkhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.phantorama.idlekingdoms Version: What cheat?: Prestige, gems or toolchests Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: The game gives an error upon editing a value and restarts. I've attempted to edit the amount of land, but it crashes as soon as I claim another tile or try and reset to gain prestige. I have not been able to edit prestige values directly either.
  11. Watch out the Post form Amizz! Thanks a lot for that!! Post from Amizz You're be able to change: Movement speed Attack Speed Hit-Damage Critical Damage Critical Chance Health Damage per Second multiplier I searched a lot for changing the drop rate in the castles. Do someone know how to change that?
  12. Love11

    parallel space

    Hlw sir..plz help urgently....i already post comment ...reply sir.... Now in parallel spece . google play id not supportd..we cant log in our id. plz help
  13. @Philj56 gems would be server sided so unlikely, I think we might be able to get a in battle value changer but no currency changes
  14. @NoFear hey mate, just curious about if you have any knowledge on altering "probabilities" on orbs, basically loot boxes, just to make as an example whichever drop is 0.05% and make that 100%? Might not even be possible but just thought I'd check in, cheers
  15. Hello, in Cooking fever previously work speedhack, but now is not work. Can help me ? Thanks.
    Pizza help....now parallel space not support google id..This problem was last 4 days....plzz Salf this.
  16. Great work @ByMetin !! Although when I activate rapid fire I run slowly, is that normal?
  17. When Rapid Fire is activated I run slowly, is that normal?
  18. No way. You can not get access to shell from gg script by security reason.
  19. Hi guys, im new at here. So i have some cases that need to use os.execute function, i tried before to used old versions of game guardian it seems work cause nothing say that it blocked by security but the problem it is always say call nil. Any suggetions? Is it possible for me to run some bash script from lua in game guardian? Thank you.
  20. So you are not lucky and it does not work anymore.
  21. PopCap Games, the creator of Plants vs. Zombies™, is excited to share that Plants vs. Zombies 3 is under construction! And we would like your help in making this amazing zombie-battling experience even better. Why are you making Plants vs. Zombies 3? Because we love Plants vs. Zombies™! At PopCap, we’ve been working on PvZ for years and want to bring our beloved plants and zombies to current players and the next generation of players everywhere. We’re hard at work testing out a lot of fun things that we want your feedback on, and hope you will come on this journey with us! Download Plants vs. Zombies 3
  22. I don' I don't see any info on how that file was created in that video. It just seems like a showcase of the cheat being used. And the links just have the video as you said. Anyway thanks for the help, no point continuing this as you did not make the video.
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  24. Script for hacking Laps Count And Players count isn't working, please update script for Asphalt 8 v4.1.2a
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