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  2. Why it ask network permissions? How to switch off this annoying message?
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  4. Before restarting cancel the install. No problem
  5. thisfile = gg.getFile() os.remove(thisfile) -- Remove Not Work -- And local file = io.open(thisfile,"w") -- Write Not Work file:write("Hi World") file:close() when i want write or remove file not work but other file work
  6. View File Cooking Fever Menu - Unlimited Coins - Unlimited Gems - Unlimited XP Enjoy and give a five-star rating Watch the video on my YouTube channel "Game Lovers Villa" and SUBSCRIBE Submitter El_dorado Submitted 06/06/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Menu - Unlimited Coins - Unlimited Gems - Unlimited XP Enjoy and give a five-star rating Watch the video on my YouTube channel "Game Lovers Villa" and SUBSCRIBE
  8. I see. Thank you for letting me know. I'll try to re-install it.
  9. I have a much easier way: https://youtu.be/n9-pk5xyqm0 Here I show how to hack items: https://youtu.be/EU8GQ7cSBTE
  10. How? Please show us how to hack this game..
  11. I just got banned permanently by just using the radar and aim assist 5%. Its a good thing that I know how to unban my self. Please fix it and update it to unban version.
  12. My Android OS version is 10 (rooted with Magisk) but in the Account Settings the Android version choices there is just up to 9.X (Pie) but my Android OS is 10. So yeah, I'm just saying this so that you can add the Android 10 on the choices there. TY first timer here.
  13. Its not that the game is not compatible, but VMOS has a bug that sometimes it doesnt downliad games from the playstore. You just need to rstart en retry it can be a pain in the a ss. But it will work eventually.
  14. Hi can someone help me with guide for few things. 1. Which one applications except GameGuardian i need to can use it on Android and IOS phones without root of course? 2. Can someone told can i make reset on my gold, keys and cash jnto CSR2 with that program? I mean i dont wanna increase them like some space number. I just want to reset all what i am using and earning when i am finish all of them. Thank you for help.
  15. Hello anyone plz help i want hack Gangstar Vegas but i when i change the Vaule its not will change and there is anyway to hack it?
  16. Upload your script here, lets see the code.
  17. I cant see my credits for magic bullets?
  18. Rxhacker

    Lua script help

    gg.getValues({ -- table(ab35ec1) [1] = { -- table(f845666) ['address'] = 0x95c7f000, ['flags'] = 4, -- gg.TYPE_DWORD }, [2] = { -- table(6900da7) ['address'] = 0x95c7f012, ['flags'] = 2, -- gg.TYPE_WORD }, }) gg.setValues({ -- table(5a8e254) [1] = { -- table(ed625fd) ['address'] = 0x96edb6fc, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = '5Ch', }, [2] = { -- table(f6f72f2) ['address'] = 0x96edb6fd, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = '04h', }, [3] = { -- table(a5dd43) ['address'] = 0x96edb6fe, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = '44h', }, [4] = { -- table(4dbcfc0) ['address'] = 0x96edb6ff, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = 'E3h', }, [5] = { -- table(96424f9) ['address'] = 0x96edb700, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = '1Eh', }, [6] = { -- table(47dcc3e) ['address'] = 0x96edb701, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = 'FFh', }, [7] = { -- table(3bf0a9f) ['address'] = 0x96edb702, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = '2Fh', }, [8] = { -- table(38e27ec) ['address'] = 0x96edb703, ['flags'] = 1, -- gg.TYPE_BYTE ['value'] = 'E1h', }, }) This is a log of a script. I want to know the real script. When I play this script nothing happens may be because of{ -- table(38e27ec) So i need a example of how this script works by removing { -- table(38e27ec). Please convert some part of this script to working script.
  19. Oh yh i forgot to say that VMOS is a emulator of android 5.1. Its 5.1 becuz u have a root option in the settings. Whats the game u want to download?
  20. Dear GG Team or others, Hi to everyone,i hacked dice game but how edit value and execute the script or program,i dont get the point,and ll u know how to hack MPL pro(present app)its difficult to hack it.so can u guide fome.from india.
  21. Yep I've tried to run GG by VMOS but some games aren't compatible with VMOS i think? I've tried to install some games or imported them but it says "failed to install". How can I solve this problem?
  22. You just download vmos and install its will work perfectly
  23. Needed carrom disk pool hack codes
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