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  2. what your gpu ? mediatek ? snapdragon ? exynos ? or other ?
  3. Hoot4759


    Hi Please create a script that is really invisible to the free fire or disappears
  4. Pleazour


    Have you come up with anything as of today, I can change spins but they go back to what they originally were
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  6. ishakk

    AFK Arena discussion

    What about hacking diamonds? Can it?
  7. Hello, I have used Game Guardian several times with success and also know how to use CE. Eternium is a game I use to be able to modify stats and acquire gems without the need of purchase. They have a new anti-cheat that made it much more difficult to modify much, and reverting back to an older client of the game hasn't been successful because I don't have access to the obb files and just the apk. If you attempt to use an older version they'll force you to update to the latest patch. The great thing about this game is that you can also play offline and currency gems do drop every now and again or you can get some by completing levels or quests! You then can sync your offline data to online once you have a connection. With that said, there must be a way to get gems. I'm not sure if this goes against the rules or not but I'll legitimately pay the first person to achieve this $100 I've spend counts amounts of money on this game and I'm willing to pay for a method I don't care to play online, I more so play offline but the boost would be nice.
  8. No. You get zero results. [added 1 minute later] By the way, here the address in the memory for some reason does not change. Perhaps the features of the emulator. Perhaps it was enough to use the saved list. Or the address will change after the emulator restarts - I don’t know.
  9. Hello, Anyone can hack all cars in nfs no limit.? Please share tutorial. Thanks
  10. Can't we increase depth instead of offsets! What would be results on increasing depth instead of offsets?
  11. Great job! But i want you should keep working on this amazing script and keep improving it. well wishes Good luck!! Thnx buddy
  12. Chainer: https://gameguardian.net/f-1409
  13. Look like bad firmware. If you work without root - get root and try again.
  14. Is that I cannot change the value in the memory (bad) and cannot scan in region memory video
  15. View File Pubg VIP Decrypted Script! ℅Gain Knowledge℅ Gain knowledge about hacks from script. Enjoy learning Never Stop learning No recoil lobby underground scope VVIP antenna and much more!! Submitter Un_Known Submitted 06/19/2019 Category PUBG  
  16. Understand nothing. Try explain more clearly.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Gain knowledge about hacks from script. Enjoy learning Never Stop learning No recoil lobby underground scope VVIP antenna and much more!!
  18. Chainer: https://gameguardian.net/f-1409
  19. But for me, I closed, (hide from game 4) But can't find the value ? [added 1 minute later] And for the memory (bad) I can't fix it [added 4 minutes later] But another machine that is root is running normally
  20. Plz send me inbox too..... I am an f2p player and getting raped by insane money players...everytime... How can i win this game ... Help me plz...until i have MK6 and special operators...i will cheat and then after getting i will play normal cuz aint nobody gonna win this...
  21. what does Depth exactly mean ? what value of depth is appropriate for accurate results?
  22. Hi, is there any free script or method to hack fifa mobile? For goals or idk, i need help.
  23. Yep, exactly. Anyway, i've made a script that automatically get pointer of the game. You can dump the address, then use it inside Chainer script to see if it works well. PinOut HaX | Unlimited Time | Premium | Powerup (#9hclw3dl)
  24. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mediocre.pinout You talk about this?
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