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  2. I just now figured out the calculation they use in the game. so now i can find any equipment that a character use, but i need to know what this ACC means, mind explaining? ACC, i tried to use in matvh but it does not do anything
  3. thanks bro for your timely release but at startup the app leaves a black screen My device xiaomi mi note 8 pro
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  5. Philj56

    Eternium 1.4.48

    Hi guys. Anyone know if this version of eternium is hackable? I've tried changing gem values but they just revert back to normal values.
  6. nah no problem its cheatable but im not 100/100 spending time on games, i work to i mostly have 1 hour time or somthing for play game, its gone take sometime because i can not see for my self how the logic in game works till reached its basics. i reply back on this message when i have a script or questions or need a tester.
  7. Everything works fine for me. Only here for using the script, a warning is sent. You need to use it very rarely, otherwise the account will be blocked
  8. I guess this game's security is too strong and annoying right?
  9. Can game Guardian hack Yalla Voice Chat?
  10. Enyby

    Edit tencent gamestick

  11. So I found this old Pixel Strike 3D mod menu and it happens to have noclip so i decode the script and I got the values but its just a mess and I cant find the nocilp values if one of you guys can find it pleases replay or dm me it Pixel_Strike_3D_V1.bin.TG_Dec.lua
  12. Hi I would like to request for gold and gem hack for Tiny Decks & Dungeons, thank you. Request: Gold and Gem Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.springloaded.dnd&hl=en
  13. someone would be able to modify this app for mobile cod and a keymapper that works very well with Android gamepads but it is not possible to start game guadian it could be optimized for GG. the app is available at https://www.coolapk.com/apk/com.tencent.gamestick
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hello, I would like someone to help me with Parallèle Space and "Last Day On Earth". I installed GameGuardian as well as the Parallel Space Android 9+ version (and Support 32 and 64 bits) except that when I try to launch LDOE via ParallèleSpace, LDOE makes a tiny change and crashes. Once Last Day on Earth crash, it sent me back to the PS menu. I am unable to launch LDOE with Parallèle Space, the other games such as (Subway Surfer, Brain Out, States of Survival ...) however work well when I launch them with Parallèle Space I have a Galaxy S20 Ultra if someone can help me I'm very bad at English, please excuse me. Translated into English via Google Translate
  16. Before update this game is able to cheat but, after update both GG and this game unable to cheat, with xor 444444. please help ,game name legends guardians
  17. I might of did it wrong but it didnt work pls fix
  18. Super Clone Super Clone 64bit
  19. I uploaded two apks original from Playstore working in my device, Not modified and sign for GG, one as apk original, other is plugin 64bits, my device is Android 10 and aarch64 Super Clone 64bit Super Clone
  20. Lord-King


    View File BASEBALL 9 This script is trial only Go to coins Shop after script done. For diamond value = Find 63000 purchase coins in the shop For gold value = Find 800000 purchase coins in the shop Contact me for no limit script. Thanks Submitter Lord-King Submitted 04/04/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  21. You can use notation like "66h; 0Fh; 7Eh; 4Ah; 00h; E9h; 6Ch; A6h; 00h; 00h" for editAll.
  22. Wow, Very Very Very thanks bro, support its like a boss! @Edit: Boss, my device is Android 10 and 64bits, and you apk signed have crashed in my device you have solutions? Sorry My bad english
  23. Super_Clone_3.6.41.0226_gg_signed.apk
  24. Enyby


    Concatenation operator is double dot (..), not comma.
  25. Hi. How are you doing? Can anybody please help me and take a look at this game? Google Play Link Hack request. Anything!
  26. Hello, i have a question. How i can make script, with grouped scan. I want to replace this: "66h; 0Fh; 7Eh; 4Ah; 00h; E9h; 6Ch; A6h; 00h; 00h", for this "C7 02 00 00 48 43 90 90 90 90" with script. script:
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