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Gardenscapes - skip and rollback timers - time jump - GameGuardian

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Use button on the float panel for skip. Use dialog for rollback timer back to real value. For example, after press "Complete" button. It is allow you save useful timers.

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No. Rollback "feature" only exists for this game. Maybe also for Homescapes, idk. But not for other games.

This is some kind of protection in the game: if the game lost input focus, then it show splash screen and reset timers if its changed. So I use this for rollback timers.

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Sir, I added gg into virtual exposed after that while playing games gg hide automatically in between 5-10 minutes

Again I opened gg its shows crash message 

Then I I changed prevent load function no to level 3 ,

Again I run script its gg close automatically, again I changed preventload level 3 to No it's working but gg hides again, 

Tell me sir why gg hide automatically ?


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