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Filters - GameGuardian


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Filters - GameGuardian


To begin with, we'll find something,
to show the operation of filters.

I chose Auto in a fuzzy search,
that there were all possible data options.

Now open the filters.

Here we can specify a filter by address.

As we can see, the results are filtered out.

Now you can try the filter by value.

Again, the results are filtered out.

Filter by value type.

You can choose any set of types.

You can take and combine several filters at the same time.

Filter on the fractional part.

Long click opens the help.
So you can do wherever there is an "i" icon.

Here it is told what a fractional part is
for positive and negative numbers.

You can choose both equality and non-equality of the indicated fractional part.

For negative numbers, you must specify a negative fractional part.
Now I want to find positive numbers.

As you can see, all the results end with this option.

If you specify zero, the result will include all integers.
So I added a filter by type.

It turned out not very clearly - only zeros.
So I added another filter by value.

It is clear that the results are only integer values.

Now let's look at the filter by inequality.

It's hard to see that the numbers with a fractional part, so add a filter by value.

But here it is clear that all numbers have a fractional part.

Filter by pointer.

You can choose any set of types of pointers.

These values can be pointers.

In the memory editor, they are highlighted in the corresponding color.

Let's check another value.

You can also select all values that are not pointers.

Well, filters can always be completely turned off.



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