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Game = MiniWorld:BlockArt

Game Version = 0.51.0

GG_Version = 101

Features :

Main Menu :

  1. Finding Key Address / Item Modification (If Key Address defined)
  2. Help
  3. Setting

Item Mod :

  1. Select Item from 1 to 8 ->
  2. Select Type -> Tools, Equip, Stack, or Transform

Stack (Requires XOR Key):

  • Change Stack Size. 1~64. Freeze feature not work yet.

Tools / Equips Mod:

  1. Grade Change
  2. Durability
  3. Enchants

Grade Change:

  • You can change your item grade : e.g. From Wood Axe -> Stone Axe (+1) -> Iron Axe (+2) -> Golden Axe (+3) -> Diamond Axe (+4)
  • You cannot change weapon type to diamond. something like diamond are in different pointer. so max grade is gold sword (+3)
  • You can revert changes your grade in Transformation. Sometime some tools or equips not work, becoming lava. or unknown .
  • To Revert : if your grade now is +4, then Select Your Item Number of Your Equip/Tool, Transformation, -4, See What happen to your item, Commit while done.


  • Change your items durability. 1~10.000 you can change max durability in Setting


  • You can Enchant your Tools, Armors, and Weapons. Select All List to mix them.


  • Like sprite changes. it modify DWORD values. but the pointer is really random every game start, so the value. 
  • Revert change : Back to original value, original form.

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