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No longer updating this anymore :) 4.0

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[Thank for code saiaapiz] 

No lognger updating this anymore 4.0

1.TruePersonal (Explode on death.

• Show Enemy on Minimap.
• Hide footsteps from enemy.
• Nightvision ready.
• Anti Flashbang.
• God 95% Mode) 

2.Infinity clip



5.No Reload weapon

6.No Recoil + No Spread

7.Dark Sky

8.Change fire rate

9.Change Fov

I'm not good English 

Old script version

Script Menu Modern Strike Online (#5uga4mky)



What's New in Version 4.0


1.Fixed infinity
2.Fixed Easyaim360°
3.Fixed no recoil + no spread
4.Fixed change fire rate
5.Removed change ammo weapon
6.Removed change damage weapon
7.Removed change body color

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plz fix:

could you update truepersonal so you can activate it without god mode and explode after dead? I would like to play a little bit more legit sometimes.


plz add:

could you add a hack that auto change the weapon if its out of ammo?

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Bro Thank you in advance for your effort But this script is incomplete on the other, I hope you work one like the other For example, there is no rapid integration 

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Hey Zig I really appreciate your hard work you saves many people money and time through gaming. But unfortunately the devs made another update due to abusive if mods maybe if there's a way you can enable a mod that can't be detected by other players? Maybe No Recoil only. If you have any suggestions feel free to message me we could work something out with a mod 

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