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How to find Unlimited Mag hack for almost all games

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#11th Tutorial

Title:- How To Find Unlimited Mag Size Hack

Example app detail:-
App:- Mini Militia
Value type:- Dword
Memory range :- Ca 
Download simple example script of mini miltia with these codes and practice to change codes for find value:-
🔴Health Hack
🔴Speed Run Hack
🔴Bullet Rain
🔴Unlimited grenede
🔴Unlimited mag size 

Download all Codes Link:-
---- https://gameguardian.net/g0YDqT

The Mag capacity of gun was 40 . We can't reload gun When mag is full . So we use the same thing to find value faster. 
We will search 40. Now we will take 1000 results and edit them to 41 . We edit to 41 because if we edit it to tooo much high value game will crash. Now when i edit it with 41 - my reload option became available. It means game thinks our mag size is 41 and we have 40 bullets which enabled our reload option .
If your game don't have reload enabling only on need. Then you have to reload bullet and see what is your mag size.
SO I reverted all values and take half . And repeat process until i found the value . Then i edit mag size to 100000000 . Now i don't have to reload mag because all bullets are loded . Now you can fire 100s of bullet continuesly.

If you don't know Why i took Ca and Dword during search because i found the bullet value at same place .

Watch vedio To understand.
🔴Next vedio is on item replace.🔴

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