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Make lua hack script

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Hello friends i found that many of you want to make lua scripts of your own but don't know how to learn . I am not the best lua scripter but i can help i have the following works to help you.

1.How to make simple script and find your own values (part 1)


2..How to make script part 2 .

The pervious vedio had both find value and lua script but it needed specification so this vedio shows you making a vip lua script with your chanel name.


3.. find your own value

You nedd your own value for a script and this vedio shows exactly that.


4.Free hack values for trying

You will understandfast if you get hack values edit it and try . Giving values for free is bad for my economy but ok take it for free  pubg hack values.


This is my work for helping the newbie.

I am not the best coder so it would be great if anyone like enbay , nofear , topgeo , rono plays or any other help me with effective method of finding value and scripting.

It would not only help me but many others because i destribute my work.

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