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Hey, I''m kinda new at this so pleae forgive me this is a stupid question...

Anyway, I tried to use GG on several games with success, but the thing is that everytime I restart the game, I need to start the process of seraching velues all over again.

So my question is, is there any way to save everything, so I won't need to spend time everytime i'm playing the game?


Thanks for reading :)

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      Im able to locate, edit, and use the changes i make in the game, i can use them indefinitly unless i close game then it reverts back. Only the money for instance. Items ive bought with the change still remain. I must be missing something as it used to save and carry over even when game was restarted. Any thoughts?
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      Name of Requested File:
      Link To Download: http://play.mob.org/game/glory_of_generals_2_ace.html
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      Can someone give savedata of this game with this in the data :

      these can be acquired by purchasing medal (these cant be bought by paying it by medal, but u have to buy medals to get it )
      maybe someone can manipulate it by hacking the data ?
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