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Trials Frontier GAME

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HEY guys i have some problem.

I am trying to get xor key but i can't get it.

I can't understand the encryption algorithm in the game name trials frontier.

I tried searvh diamond value in encrypted then also i hacked it but i can't add the specific number in diamonds.

Example when i edit it to 99999999

The value is added is some like random 1243587529 and some times it gies in minus so also i tried to find xor key but i can't find it.

When i search 

1243587529 in encrypt

I get two values(

1243587529(orignal value but can't edit or freeze) 

90189904(encrypt but can edited )

And when the diamond value is changed then encrypt value also changed


1)  1243587529      


2)time 1243587509


3)rd time 1243587489


All three times i claculated xor key but they r not similar

Plz help 😞



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