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9 Innings Pro Baseball by Com2Us - Free Points hack

Started By btrumble84 , May 04 2012 02:43 AM

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  • btrumble84
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You must have already earned some points to spend for this to work:

1. Open Game Gaurdian
2. Open 9 Innings Pro Baseball.
3. In G.G. Search for the amount of points you currently have.
4. In 9 Innings, go into Card Shop, Draw Card. And draw the cheapest pack.
5. In G.G search again for the points you currently have.
6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 until your left with the hex code for your points, change to any # of points you would like (max 9,999,999)

If that worked for you, awsome. If your like me, and the game completely shut off when you tried to change the points value, keep reading:

1. Start a new game, exhibition, season, whatever, doesnt matter.
2. Play until you get your first "achievement" i.e. 2-base hit for 10 points or so.
3. Immediately in G.G. search for that exact value of points earned for that achievement.
4. Play until you get a 2nd achievement.
5. Add the points for the 1st and 2nd achievement, and search for that value in G.G.
6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 until your down to the only hex value thats keeping track of the running achievement points value.
7. Change that value to whatever you want (max 9,999,999)
8. Finish playing the game, and at the end, you will be given however many points you put in.

I discovered this on my own, so thought I would share with all the other baseball fans out there.
If someone else discovered this before me, I apologize, let me know and I will give credit to you as well.
Well there you go guys/gals. Hope you enjoy getting that all Platinum team to kick a** with.
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  • JuanDerfol
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I had just found the string for level up success.
It seems most the good point changers are in the 0x817 area.
I'm playing on version 1.0.1 and getting away with all the cheating I can dream of.

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  • btrumble84
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im searching for that address, but im only coming up with:

How are you getting the level up success to work?


Death strike
  • Death strike
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The address change in every phone


  • JuanDerfol
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Ahh, my bad.

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  • LionWarrior
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Thanks for this.
I thought I was having yet another KF problem when my game kept shutting down when changing values.

Anyone else having a problem with their game being glitchy after adjusting the points? Mine had pixels(?) that jump all over the place on the player card screen. It's all good after I restart the game, though. Just seems to happen after I adjust points.

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  • LuisCarlosHK
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  • Android: 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Device: Xperia S

5. Add the points for the 1st and 2nd achievement, and search for that value in G.G.
in my case it comes no result


  • brianb
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how do I level up success?


  • backyardpyro
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Great post! Bump this for more hacks: stars, level up success, etc etc.


  • rottenapes
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..Great!! I would play with this thanks


  • Lakerz24
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I was hoping someone could help me out with this game. Im guessing something I'm doing is wrong. I have downloaded and tried both current versions of the game and GG. Also tried to go back to older versions of each. Here is what I'm doing. First i look at my points and search for that value. it finds plenty. Then i must be doing something wrong after that. I go back into the game and buy a pack of cards. Go back into GG, click search again and put in my new amount. Every time I do that i get no results. assuming I'm missing a step. If there is a thread explaining this please let me know. Tough to navigate on my phone. Any ideas? Thanks!
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  • sgs
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Has anyone figured any hacks to level up for android since the ios version has been able to?


What about hacks to netpoint?


  • bentamod
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net points cant be hacked since its server sided... All server sided points (stars and net points) cant be changed since com2us server is the one who's keeping all of those data...


  • mikeylee
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  • Android: 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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guys help
i cant do a lvl up for droid i dont know the correct values or codes plz help. what is the correct value for batter contact. power. eye? i will literally pay someone to help me


  • Mandroid7
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  • Android: 4.1.x (Jelly Bean)
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I can't even open the game. I keep getting the error message in this picture. Should I find a way around that? Is there a way to do that?

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