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Okay, so it's taken me a week to find a on actual working hack program of anything for Dragon City. Then I found Game Guardian and optimized Parallel Space. It showed the game in my process. I knew how to enter values. When I entered the new values they showed up. Then if I used them the game crashed. Even if I didn't, the game crashed after 20 seconds. It would never save the changed info or amounts then. So. Is this program entirely useless, or is there a bigger problem? Is it the game? Is there any hope for hacking the game because I'm sick of having to spend real money on it. I love the game though. Someone just let me know if I'm exhausting my efforts for nothing please...

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      I was just in a server and someone  used the system to to teleport and do everything..can Enyby hack this game please. Somehow they can hack the game but I couldn't ?system.("    " ) .the text chat  was in script form somehow the sever allows scripts to be typed  or something  said to preform system jump 1337 ? I'm  a noob  so I didn't  understand  and left 😞
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      I am downloading game guardian, creating another er version of it with a different name, delete the old version, copy the new one on parallel space, copy the game I want to hack. And GG say this :
      Error E/S
      Impossible to open the folder */proc/pid/maps*_
      The game is protected 
      Need a root to hack this game

      I can't root this phone so I need to use a virtual space, I've tried Xposed but it can't connect to Google play even when I'm downloading everything I need
      Ps : the game I want to hack is gladiator heroes, I've seen people using GG on it on YouTube so I guess it come from me
      Thanks a lot for the help

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