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Stop app from discovering game guardian: MTP Warning

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Here's a copy of my post for free fire game but will work with other apps to just follow the same steps but instead f looking for free fire you will do it for your specific application.

Just now, Stne said:

i figured it out took me an hour or so.

forget anything dealing with  ad ops or any other thing that is recommended.  what Im about to say works only on rooted devices. 

You have to install Xprivacy by M66b. This application does require you to install or have installed the xposed framwork on your device in order to work. As Lenn said:

Through the Xprivacy application you can get access to all permissions for each application from just simple camera or mic permissions to the somewhat dangerous android system permissions. Once you get it completely set up you will see a list of all applications. picture number 1.

you will click on freefire picture number 2

first off forgot, you need to make sure you have selected expert mode in settings and saved it. picture 3.

while on freefire permission scroll down to system and click the check boxpic 4

then as lenn mentioned before, check the boxes under system that say getinstalledaplications, getrunningservices and getinstalledpackages. pic 5 and 6

then you can play but you may or may not have to redo these steps everytime.

for more details and info here are some links that helped me.



XDA Developers



to download xposed:


to find x privacy on the link above click the modules tab and type xprivacy on the search bar

heres also the download link: 



Let me know if it works or doesnt work for you.

also, for your iformormation im using jellybean android 4.3 so consider that as you may face problems with the newer devices because it becomes hard to access the permissions.









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What i do if my account got banned not device  its the account

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On 2/13/2019 at 5:16 AM, Hackery said:

What i do if my account got banned not device  its the account

I am not completely sure about this. I usually stick with using guest accounts or have several Google accounts. I have a lot of Google play accounts.

So if your account is banned that means that (unless your game account is associated with your Google play account) the game recognizes your device (ip address). I'm pretty sure. You can block it from identifying your device through xprivacy app but that account is gone either way.


But I would consult an expert on this subject. I'm still learning. 

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