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Script PUBG MOBILE 0.8.5 TSZv3.4

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Script PUBG MOBILE 0.8.5 TSZv3.4

need help? need script updates? need pubgm modded apk + data patch?
join our telegram chat group : http://t.me/tsz404

Script TSZv3.4
1. For original/playstore functions
2. For mod apk combo functions (one click functions)
3. For mod apk all menu functions (wh, antenna, aimbot and more)


*what's new?
+ fix body color for snapdragon 425
+ fix aimbot
+ added antenna + white folor [mtk] to combo menu functions
+ added wh & color menu to combo menu functions
+ bring back no recoil for original apk

Important Note :

use the script menu that matches the apk you are using for avoid from detections, and to avoid a ban 'cause report by users, don't kill too much on a make no sense like using a magic bullet and aimbot or others feature that make no sense in high ranks, because the high ranks players is smart for reporting u, and don't make your teamate report you as cheaters, because report by teamate is more dangerous than by enemy, just act like not using hack. please take your risk.




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