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Inotia 3 - Dupe, Shop hack.

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- Name of Game: Inotia3: Children of Carnia

- Market Link if any:

- Version if you know it: 1.2.5

- What cheat? : Shop hack, Dupe hack

- Have you tried cheating this game, what happened?: I can do lvl hack, skill point hack, Hp, mana, gold (if someone wants to know how just ask)

- Additional comments: Since we can't search for names we can't edit shop, dupe or enchant itens, Someone found a alternative way to hack this? looking for values?


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anyone have any suggestions?

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Yes I too am interested in item hacking so far just gold and skill point hack working for me

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This is a list of rare and hard to find items!!! biggrin.png It's based off of the Shop Cheat and assumes you know how to use it.

Go to the Crene Weapon Merchant and replace 'ITEMDATABASE_nRecordSize: 17' with one of the numbers below and corresponding items will be available to purchase! Enjoy biggrin.png

2 – Some Rares

5 – Mana Crystal,

8 – Epic Chaos Set, Consecrated Warrior Emblem (Arch-mage), Red Rough Crystal

9 – Sealed Skill Book

10 – Defense Potion

11 – Treasure Ticket (Derelict Land), Consecrated Weapon Fortifying Book of Spells

12 – Skill Reset, Consecrated Warrior Emblem (Shadow Hunter), Palpitat Crystal

13 – Sealed Skill Book (Templar)

14 – Holy Creature Potion, Red Crystal, Rainbow Crystal, Consecrated Warrior Emblem (Barbarian)

16 – Chaos Set

20 – Sealed Skill Book (Rogue)

22 – Purification Gem, Mana Crystal

23 – Rage Potion

24 – Dice of Chaos

26 – Yellow Crystal, Magic Branch

27 – Consecrated Resurrection Scroll

28 – Sealed Warrior Emblem

32 – Mana Exchange Rune

33 – Magic Parchment

34 – Strength Potion, Invisibility Potion, Sealed Warrior Emblem

35 – Adventurer Set (Infinity Bagx3, Resurrection Prayer), Supreme Elixir (INT)

36 – Consecrated Resurrection Scroll, Palpitant Crystal, Magic Branch

37 – Strength Fragment, Rage Potion, Mithril

38 – Elixir, Supreme Elixir (INT), Ore

39 – Elixir, Defense Potion

42 – Holy Creature Potion, Dice of Chaos, Mana Potion, Magic Branch

45 – Transcendence Flower

46 – Strength Fragment, Celestial Seed

48 – Treasure Ticket (Crene)

49 – Epic Chaos Set

52 – Dice of Chaos

53 – Blue Rough Crystal, Yellow Rough Crystal

54 – Mana Crystal, Palpitant Crystal

56 – Magic Branch

58 – Awakening Emblem

59 – Elixir

60 – Treasure Ticket (Derelict Land), Sealed Skill Book (Arch Mage)

63 – Consecrated Armor Fortifying Book of Spells

67 – Consecrated Warrior Emblem (Shadow)

68 – Consecrated Warrior Emblem (Barbarian)

70 – Consecrated Weapon Fortifying Book of Spells, Artisan Anvil, Treasure Ticket (Carnia), Sealed Awakening Emblem

72 – Supreme Elixir (STR), Chaos Set, Yellow Rough Crystal, Transcendence Flower

73 – Blood of Darkness

Throughout are some random good equipment too biggrin.png I've noticed too that you can buy higher-level items that require appraisal can be yellows or purples so try and see what comes up biggrin.pngIf it is not cheated with GG then use GCIH.

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Thanks for the tip. I don't think gcih works on ice cream sand which though

Anyways, some tidbits from my attempts.

1. Cheats can't be saved they take up a new memory position each game load.

2. Cheating money is pretty straight forward. Best to do it with copper as 1 silver = 100 copper.

3. Cheating def is straight forward, search def, change armor search def. Don't change armor again or it'll revert. Reloading also reverts.

4. Skill point: search skill points ie 4 for 4/5 total. Use one, search for 3 for 3/5. Use one search 2.

5. Maxing out a skill: search for skill lvl 1. Upgrade it, search for skill lvl 2, upgrade it search for skill lvl 3. Repeat until there are 2 memory slots remaining. Save and edit both memory locations to 20. Editing just 1 will revert

nd have no affect.

6. Exp:search, kill, search

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I only know inotia 3 hack with gameCIH


1.open gamecih and.inotia 3

2.open gamecih

3.input name 'inven_nmoney'

4.change the value

5.save game


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Inotia 3 dupe.item hack (gameCIH)i only know.with gameCIH sorry

1.open inotia 3 and gameCIH

2.open gameCIH

3.input name 'inven_p'

4.dont change the value just lock it

5.drag.an item (not Potion)


Sometimes not working

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cant open the inotia 3 and gameCIH on the same time.. the crash

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I cant find tge address,

Can you give me the Address?

Sent from my GT-S5360 using Tapatalk 2

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you can only use  Game cih

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So the nearest attribute that I found worthy of hacking are:


skill level:

1. search a skill level (0 normally crashes)

2. Increase skill

3. search again

4. repeat 2-3 until only 1 value left

5. save and increase value


item crafting shop:

1. scroll through the book until you find something you can craft

2. search the number of times you can craft that item. ie. 5/1

3. scroll to a different craftable item

4. repeat step 2-3 until only one value remains.

5. scroll to an item you want to craft ie anvils. save and change that value to 1.

6. craft said item, you won't need the materials.

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