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Found 7 results

  1. Great job with your new feature `record script` devs. It would be awesome if you guys make it to recognize offset. It is great feature to auto because sometimes the value we need to chage is not a constant but nearby values is. @Enyby@d2dyno
  2. Bunta

    Using Offsets

    I have the latest version (8.10.2) of GG but I think I must be missing something in it. There is a lot of functionality for finding offsets between two addresses by using either the "Caluculate Offset" or "Offset Calculator" functions. I was expecting though that there would be a way to apply an offset against a list of saved values but I can't seem to find a way to do that. Since there is no way to do pointer searches in the app, the next logical way of keeping a list of addresses useable for a game would be to apply a global offset to all the saved values. Is this possible or does this functionality not exist in the program? If it doesn't exist then I'd like to raise a feature request for the below functions: 1) Ability to calculate offset between a saved value and a searched value 2) Ability to apply an offset to all saved values to change all their addresses at once 3) Ability to select a saved address and searched address and apply the offset between them to all saved addresses (This would combine the function of both the above two options) The idea here is that even though the memory addresses change each time a game is started the position of the values is generally always relative. If I have searched and found a large number of values and saved them for a game I would want to be able to load those values the next time I start the game and apply an offset to all of them to correct their position to the right memory region. Preferably, the most ideal process would be as follows: 1) Find memory values you want to edit and freeze 2) Save those values to a list for that game 3) Next time you play the game you load the list of saved memory addresses (that no longer point to the right location) 4) Perform a search and find the location of one of the saved memory addresses 5) Select the saved value and search result that matches and choose an option in the app to apply the offset between those values to all addresses in the saved list The option I indicate in the last step is the function we need as an alternative to having the ability to search for memory pointers. If that is too hard, having at least an option to apply an offset to the saved list manually would be terrific!
  3. Huang888

    about offset

    The address is dynamic. I already know the feature code and offset. How can I write it in the script? I want to make a script. Just send me a script example. Thank you
  4. Hi guys how you feel today ?. For me I am ok. I have some problems with offset, i am learning how to use offset properly but it is still difficult for me. I will details you my approach and I want you to tell me what wrong with it. - First I have searched this two value above. that I want is to get the 2nd value 50000 from offset using the first value 1100. I have calculated the offset of those two value. but when I tried to get the 2nd value mean 50000. But it is not working. it is getting me to that value I dont need. the value above. but when I replace the offset that I calculate by 8 it is working. He is selecting the right value mean 50000. so and this 8 value for offset I got it randomly i was typing some random value within 1~20 and i magically got it. So after reading this can you tell me what wrong with all of this and propose me any solution and help me to understand how offset work. and last thing can you tell me how to use offset in Script?. Anyway thank you all.
  5. 2020_08_17_02_35_45_compress.mp4 @Enyby Hi sir! I'm facing the problem to use pointer search in writing script.As in video, I search -1,358,776,912 in Xa(code system) which will end by 548 in addresses.And I will get the only one address.I copy its address and paste in search box. I have to change a little bit.If the address is ?????548, I'll have to search ?????549h.Otherwise nothing found. After I search ?????549h, I'll have two addresses.In this case I have to choose the one which offset end is B0. I copy it again and search.Then the only one will be found(pointer). That address + 94(offset) == my willing things. How can I do this process in script? Espectially I dont know how to copy and search those addresses in script. Help me pls and Thanks everybody in advance! (Forgive me for my bad english) (I think if the pointer and offset work perfectly as video we can use gg like cheat engine which can point the one by offsets) I like New features and updates of gg 2020_08_17_02_35_45_compress.mp4
  6. Hello. I need help with edit offset parameter in Game Guardian. I have offset. How i can edit only float value 'distance' in memory editor?
  7. Hi everyone im requesting help here because i was making a script for a game and i could not get it to work it requires 20 shotgun ammo then it needs to be refined to 16 then i caculated the 2 numbers to offset and i got 70 (0x46), i entered the number but it does not work (it works when player glides toward the direction they are pointing toward + fast fire rate) here is the source code i did not code this all credits go towards > @AKRAMRAZA for coding the script base Thank you but here is the problem i keep getting the wrong results and it does not work -Source code function test() gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber("20", gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.alert('10 seconds to change ammo to 17') gg.sleep(10000) --10 seconds gg.refineNumber("16", gg.TYPE_DWORD) p = gg.getResults(1) local q = {} q[1] = {} q[1].address = p[1].address + 0x46 --address to the offset(ex: -4) to the refined result q[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT --datatype which i want to edit the value q[1].value = 1 --value i want to edit the glide value to gg.setValues(q) gg.alert('Done') gg.clearResults() end function stop() os.exit() end main = gg.choice({'Glide speed','Exit'}) if main==1 then test() end if main==2 then stop() end But what am i doing wrong? i also dont know how many results only one result comes in for the shotgun ammo is that?
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