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  1. can you send me a link that you know its working pliz?
  2. ok i download it and then get in the game and now what? haha
  3. someone said its not working :x and i need just to download it and to get in and thats all?
  4. How bro? can you explain me how to do that? @zam535582
  5. hey, i success to hack the game but only to upgrade things, can someone guide me how to hack XP and cash pliz?
  6. hi, someone can help me to hack gold and diamonds pliz? i try to hack ammo i write 9999 and it is show 9999 but after i get in a game/get out and back it back to normal it dosent really work... i will be glad for a guide guys, help pliz
  7. im searching too, tell me if you find something...
  8. Can anyone give me hacks for pot farm grass roots? Pliz?
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