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  1. Thank you, problem solved
  2. Can I set SW be 64 bit and HW 32 bit or vice versa? If not then how can I make another clone of GG as parallel space does not show 2 GGs in 'add app'.
  3. Used GG 8.69.1. I will try use 32 bit as I thought if a game was 32 bit and GG was 64, it would not pick up the process. I will try, thanks for advice :).
  4. Don't hack the money you have. Go to my profile and check for 'lifetime cash' and 'lifetime gold' and search those values. Then you gold and cash will increase that can be spent. Hope this helps
  5. YuvraajSingh

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    I've uploaded the logcat. My problem is since I updated my game guardian from 73.3 to 73.9(and above) it has stopped working. It doesn't search/show any value(dword, double, auto, encrypted, grouped). It only searches values on one game and in rest of the game it doesn't show anything. All I see is 'Nothing found' no matter what I do. I'm running GG in parallel space lite(optimized). I run the games in virtual environment. Currently using GG 73.10. Android version: 8.0.0 P.S: If I've missed to add anything in this message please notify me. GG_logcat_v73.10_14144_8.0.0_26.log
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