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  1. oops, it was originally taken as a customized version since they have "GG" suffix after the versions number and were downloaded from this website. never thought of the problem is in the environment but the app it run. hope they can resolve this compatibility problem out. If not, then my only hope of enjoying this game are you. thx for reply.
  2. yeah already tried at first. The game was not able to run without 64bit support apk. And GG lives well without that support apk. Might be the problem of the 64bit support?
  3. The target app (subdivision infinity) cannot run without 64bit environment and google play service. VirtualXposed have no play service, so PS + 64 support is the only available option AFAIK. Many thanks if you could make it work under this setting. ?
  4. Hello, all the GG versions tried, 8.58.0, 8.58.2, and 8.59.0, cannot run in parallel space with 64 bit support apk installed: shortly after I choosed a process, it will pop-up a window say the game is dead, no matter it is a game or not(or google play service). I can't do any search under this circumstance. Looks like it is an issue with 64 bit. Or other possibilities? If anyone ever encountered this, please shed me a light, thanks.
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