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  1. Luci can buy your VIP script with Paysafecard
  2. Noo not banned i have test this new script no ban but its not working , the old version u can only use no gras u wont get ban because i have use it more than 8matches but use only no gras _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later 1.4.txt
  3. With value u mean that .9999 version thing? _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later No i did not chance it
  4. Not working , can i stille use the old script no Gras only?
  5. Got banned for the first time today, how can i fix this? With normal pubg app i can login but not with launcher3
  6. I dont get it does this hack works or not? Im doing something wrong?
  7. When is it coming out? New bypass
  8. Help me plz i used the script 2 times and now i get this
    Keep crashes my game cant use it , but great support luci try tot help me but i wont work but i give 5star
  9. Can some one help me i dont know how to add this script and run it plz some one help me Is there some app like teamvier so some one can help me , i do everything same in your vid my n doesnt load that fast plz some one help me
  10. Thanks alot i manage to fix it, how can i add cheat for pubg? When i start VirtualXposed then start gamegeguardian then i start pubg select pubg then start script i have downloaden but when i do that gameguardian closes
  11. I have found it but i stille get the error 105, is there not something like teamvier voor Android ? Im trying 4 5h already cant get it working . Can some one plz help me
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