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  1. all items and currency are server sided. as for stats i havent been able to change them temp or perm.
  2. i 2nd this. ill mess around with GG in game and see what i can do but im no expert on it
  3. Purchased a scrip from no fear for this game awhile back and worked amazing. But something has changed to make it not work anymore
  4. Was told using a older version of parallel space works, but does not fix play issue
  5. Something updated in Google play Services and parallel space hasent updated it. Went to there fb account and looked for anything. Nothing on there even remotely close to the app
  6. Starting to think its a Google play service issue not parallel space, but i havent been able to download an Older version on my phone
  7. Same here. It's a known problem that has been posted on their reviews and they dnt seem to care to much
  8. Recently while using parralel space with gg and a game I have the issue of a game not connection to my play account though parallel space. I keep getting Google play service is being updated when it's currently not. Others games work with no issue. Game I am playing is star wars galaxy of heros
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