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  1. Thats why i put in the disclaimer you cant get your account back but you will be able to play again as on a new account
  2. Did i not just say it works exacly like a mac spoofer & expert hacker ? You do know im an ex lizard squad right
  3. And what games are those becuase im pretty sure this has the same effect as a mac spoofer
  4. Its almost like you didnt read the instructions go to your settings go to accounts click google click your gmail it should say sync app data ,
  5. TUTORIAL OF UNBAN DISCLAIMER! (You Will Not Get Your Account Back But You Will Be Able To Play Again) Requirements: Common Sense & 2 minutes of time How To Do So 1. Get Banned 2. Go To Your Accounts Within Phone Settings 3.Click On Your Gmail 4.Turn Off Save Game Data 5. Go To Apps And Then Click On The Game You Are Banned In 6. Clear The Data Of That Said Game 7. You Are Done! Credit:Me (i Found This Method Years Ago So When I Was A Member Of AndroidRepublic So Dont Say Nothing About Stolen Becuase I Was The First To Do This) |This Also work's with virtualexposed and parralelspace just clear the data after you turn off the save data & if you get banned again just go back turn data on and off again |
  6. dont use scripts if you dont know what you are doing
  7. Nalcwop you are a genius that greenify thing definitely helped i had hibernated all my apps and gg doesnt go away anymore it does like once in a blue moon but it stays way longer now
  8. Mines disappears to but my scripts still work and i can use unload hard but that solution didnt help
  9. Kingvillian24


    Its almost pointless at this point even with improvements it still does not work with non root
  10. Kingvillian24


    This video tells you everything you need to fix
  11. Kingvillian24


    I have a problem with this on my lg stylo plus 2 non root but i did everything correct with multiaccounts and i open gg and i try to select a app but it only can detect google play services and no apps or games i can execute scripts but by the time the game starts like ROS gg dissapears and the scrips disable i look all over youtube and i see people with root deny root permission but they can still get it to work so my conclusion is it will work if your phone has root just no permission it will still work but if you have no root at all most you can do is just look around gg and type its pretty useless i might be wrong but if you can fix this please i would appreciate it
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