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  1. Moula

    5 Heroes

    Restarted the game and if you change it right at the beginning it stays. Afterwards (without google or facebook sync) you cant change it. Think we can leave it at that unless someone wants to check after syncing up. Thanks everyone.
  2. Moula

    5 Heroes

    No. But I have now = facepalm....
  3. Moula

    5 Heroes

    I extended the search to 1000 and got the values. However they don't stay. Any change is reverted YouCut_20200211_122424879.mp4
  4. Moula

    5 Heroes

    My gems and gold values aren't stored next too each other like it appears in your memory range. However, I can grab the gold dword and it changes briefly. When I purchase you can see gold is high but it reverts directly to old value. Freezing the value does nothing also. Are you guys on and particular version of Android or using Bluestacks etc? I'm on Android 8.0.0 - rooted obviously. 20200211_120703.mp4
  5. Moula

    5 Heroes

    Hmmm. Mine gives nothing. Also using latest version of gameguardian. YouCut_20200211_095839002.mp4 [added 4 minutes later] Are you scanning particular memory ranges? I'm using what I believe is default.
  6. Moula

    5 Heroes

    Also do your values stay when you try and buy stuff?
  7. Moula

    5 Heroes

    Group search brings no results! I'm version 2.6.1. [added 4 minutes later] Updated to 2.6.2 and still no results (not that I expected that to help)
  8. Moula

    5 Heroes

    There was a hack previously (in Russian) However it seems they fixed this as when I change the values it reverts back. It does have an online saved version but you can go airplane mode and continue to play so not 100% sure it's an full online game. For info I've also tried encrypted values and tried to change values of items to purchase. With this, so far, I can change the display name but not the actual cost. Anyone willing to have a further try? Thanks
  9. Moula

    Horde Defense

    I've been banging my head against a brick wall with this one. Anyone having any sort of luck?
  10. I did 2 million today and it worked. It seems that as long as you have very little left it's ok. If you start the game with 1m+ it crashes. Just add 2m first go and the add it a bit at a time for the last ones... Make sure it's spent before closing and reopening.
  11. Something happened with my game after this change - it kept crashing even after phone restarts. Seems there is some other protection. Reinstalling the game is ok and it reverts back to previous "uncheated" values. However I tried the hack on day 2's 250 which worked and this time I just gave 75k gems. Game no longer crashes. If someone had chance can you try under 1million to see if game crashes then also. Tomorrow is purple and then eggs so will take me a few more days to test properly. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later To get the game crashing like I had you need to force close and start the game anew.
  12. Got it.. Wait until daily reward is set to be 100 (others may be ok also but 100 worked 100%). Open the game, but don't click start - just leave it on the main page. Then do a search from 100;250;6 as dword - I got around 14 results but you can run it a few times if you have more. Then simply filter for 100 - I had 2 but if you have 8 I guess it's OK also. Simply edit this to your desired amount and then on the game click start and your daily reward should be the amount you have now set (I tried 50,000,000 as I wasn't being greedy at first). If you try with 250 or another number let us know if that works also. ?
  13. So I can find the value based on the old Castle Defense calculation: For 100-999 GEMS: (1st Digit -1) + (2nd Digit * 256) + (3rd Digit * 256 * 256) + 3158065 Example - 175 gems = (1-1) + (7 * 256) + (5 * 256 * 256) + 3158065 = 3487537 but after that not having any luck. Change the value to 975 (3487545) and it doesn't work. Search again and address location has moved.... I'll keep digging.
  14. I have the latest version of the game installed and "No Fear's" original posting worked for me. Make sure you follow it exactly, plus before you start editing values open the store in realm defense as on some occasions the game crashes if your not in the store.
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