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  1. That's cool...buh I've already gotten the results..after much deaths..
  2. So, I've been able to hack an online game's weapon damage, ammo, Rpm and character hp at inventory which is always dword... But when I select a stage, the value becomes encrypted which I'm also able to find.. My new problem is that there's a sort of event whereby if I don't edit my chars hp on spot, I might die within 3secs. So I need to be able to find the encrypted value for hp at the first search... PS: each stage has a different address for the value. (Not static) Any help is appreciated..
  3. So I think I figured it out.. I think you can only go some numbers up without ban.. I don't think they have checks on items as long as it ain't ridiculous cause I have a skill level edit at 380 which should've gotten me a ban.. so what I did was to edit any currency I needed apart from gold(200k) to like 1k and freeze it.. Below is my progress so far.. One is my arena pvp rank at 3k which account I just started this afternoon, the other is just proof of account...now I have this game beat...thanks for your contribution@Newbi and Nofear. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later
  4. I'm very sorry for the messing up of your profile.. I think ban do occur when one enters an absurd value i.e no ban when you had 600k crystals but ban when you changed to 23mil... I'm conducting a test here too to know the limit activation for ban because heroes infinity is only interesting without ban.. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later I can put you through but mostly end in ban..we are testing to know the limit for ban..when ready, lemme know.
  5. I'm gonna test that out and try finding a minus value to copy in the game tho it's highly unlikely..
  6. Is there a way to indirectly edit keys thru GG like adding the values instead of changing the keys value without crash and triggering ban?? And then it seems when you suddenly change currrency to a certain magnitude, it triggers ban as I was able to play for two hours while just changing currency under 1k and then I thought I was ok and then changed gold to like 2mil and crystals to like 20k and immediately, I got the ban hammer.. I'm waiting for Newbi's test to confirm some things..
  7. OMG..I can't believe it.. Woow.. thanks for taking the time to do this for me.. I patiently await the third day.. (2days left) yay.. Then just for knowing sake.. how did you change the "100" Stella to free with such limited search??
  8. There are no saves I think.. I think someone can possibly play another person's account without Google account by creating a username and password but that's your call... New question..have you engaged in any pvp yet in the game?? If yes, were you banned after the changes you earlier made??
  9. Maybe we can have a deal Newbi?! I'm proposing I play ur account just for the fun of it, no changing of values since you have already done so..I just wanna be in the online section but don't wanna spend a million for it..
  10. Thanks..never knew of this.. will try doing that and will get back to you..
  11. Woow..Ok...thanks.. I set game guardian to pause game before changing values and I think I remember changing some values while online..(maybe that's where the ban came from). And in changing the values, I change them one after the other since the values are slightly different and i can't batch edit them or it crashes..(i.e start from top till down) But waiting now is key.. pvp is the main point of this game..
  12. Thank you very much.. i really appreciate the effort.. and please do get back.. Thank you..
  13. So I followed what you said and was able to get hero fragments.. zeus for example..the problem still being that I got the ban hammer after like 1hr of playing. 1. Changed to 1000 crystal, then I jumped to 30000. 2. Changed hero fragment to 600. 3. Changed exp potion to 1000. 4. Changed gold to 1mil. What did I do wrong to get ban? As your picture indicated, you were able to get over 300k crystal. Pls point me to the right direction.
  14. Thanks for the insight.. I just wanted to get it to change so I could hack things like hero fragments. If you figure it out except copy and paste, please let me know..thanks. BTW: you have Midas and khonsu as squad setup how did you get those guys without ban??
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