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  1. HP hack: 1. Open GameGuardian, until hovering logo is present 2. Open Exiled Kingdom, wait until you're in main screen 3. Open GG -> Preference (most left tab), Change Freeze interval from 33ms to 1ms, In 'search region' uncheck "Other (slow)", turn AutoPause to 'Yes', & if you have more than 1Gb of RAM you can change the 'Search Data/Value in RAM' to "First 640Mb" or more. This can speeds up the search a bit. 4. Either start new game / open saves -> whichever have the easiest enemy, to make it easier to hack HP. 5. When the game begins, hack money to buy life potion. When you think you have enough potion, then you can start to hack HP. 6. Open GG, and do fuzzy search. (It's the lup logo with question mark on it.) 7. Choose auto -> search -> wait till it done. 8. Find any monster (goblin recommended, cause it have the lowest attack) and DO NOT KILL IT YET. 9. The goblin will attack you in sight. Keep your finger ready to launch GG! Everytime you lose HP, open GG (it will autopause your game, so don't worry about dying) 10. GG will show several chooses. Pick 'changed' -> ok. 11. Remember! Everytime you click 'ok', after the search, the game will automatically start. So, you need to be aware. 12. Keep on repeating this step until your hp bar is half empty. Then kill the goblin -> fill your HP with potion untill full -> open GG choose 'changed' -> find another goblin and repeat from step 9 until you get 4 or 6 fixed address (meaning, it doesn't get any smaller after several search). And those are your codes for hp. Fill your HP to full -> then freeze those code. Voila! Invincible mode.. 13. The codes consist of: (1) Float data (red) with value 0.0 (1) Float data (red) with value 1.0 (1) Byte data (green) value 16,256 and one or more random address. I've tried 2x and the two game worked like a charm. ✌ Goodluck!
  2. FYI, you can't hack money and defense, and hope that the hack will be permanent. Hacking money & armor is very easy. You can just search the value with dword type. But, after a while, you gonna loose all equipment, and your level will restart to 1. You can hack your life though. For now, i can hack the life-bar easily, but the actual hp is rather tricky. The HP system in exiled kingdoms consist of 3 step. Life-bar on your top left screen, Life-bar that displayed when you open your inventory, and the Life-point displayed when you open inventory. And the three of them use different address and type value. #suck Hacking life-bar is easy, you can search value 16,256 (full life-bar value) with word type (w) and fight enemy to change value. Use 'decrease' every time your hp drop. Then change the final address value back to 16,256 and freeze it. This step works on your life-bar either on your screen or in inventory. Now after the life-bar, you have to also hack the life-point. Because even though the life-bar is not decreasing, the life-point is still when you get attacked. For life-point i currently use fuzzy search auto. Then go and change the hp value. Dont use 'decrease' or 'increase' function search. You must use 'changed' and 'unchanged'. It will take a loooong long time to find the final result. And keep in mind, you will have like more than 6 addresses with different type just for the life-point. And everytime you quit your game, you have to search again from the first step because the code is always changes. Goodluck!
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