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  1. ivandgreat18


    Possible Bug: Speedhack don't work in some (or possibly on most) of the games on Android 10. To give an example, speedhack works fine with "Otherworld Legends" but not on "The Wild Darkness". The time or timer in the game is affected by it but not the character's movement - they don't slow down or speed up. I have another device running Android 9 and speedhack works fine on both of these games. I am using Parallel Space for non-root support, and vmos with root and came up with the same result. I used the latest version of gameguardian, same version of the games, parallel space and vmos. My devices are Redmi Note 8 running Android 9 where speedhack works fine, and Poco F2 Pro running Android 10 where speedhack don't work on all games.
  2. ivandgreat18


    GG v8.48.0 (8874) ** GG is now using notification by default, GG icon now appears in the notification area, that can be used to show/hide GG but in the GG UI setting it says "Use notification: No". Change it to Yes. ** By using notification (area), shouldn't it also prevent GG from being unloaded (unexpectedly)? If it is the case, is this method different from the "Prevent unload" in the settings? ** Not an issue but I noticed that GG now takes longer time to exit. Is this because GG uses notification? ** In the search tab, from the "more" menu, user can select the "unrandomizer" feature. Make it also load the unrandomizer at the same time/automatically, if it hasn't initiated yet, like when you tap unrandomizer settings the first time, for unrandomizer to work properly. ** [Suggestion] Add an option to disable/enable app/process icons. By disabling app icons, it should make app list loading faster/smoother. ** [Suggestion] I wonder how much size do language files are using; If they took relatively big size, why not retain only the commonly used ones En, Cn, Ru or max. of 5 to somehow reduce the apk size. Besides too many languages made the list a bit lag. Other languages may also appear in the selection list but the content shall be downloaded only after being selected. ** [Request] Since using wildcard (*) in search will complicate things unlike what I first thought, how about adding "Value" input in the "mask" search. Can this be implemented? ** [Request] Stats for search about RAM usage. ** This one is only out of my curiosity, there are tons of "Lite" (modified) apps out there where they support a specific architecture like ARM only, x86 only etc. If GG will support ARM only, will it significantly reduce the apk size? P.S.: Although I wasn't able to reply due to my poor and unreliable internet connection but I really appreciate the explanations and tips sir @Enyby and sir @NoFear.
  3. ivandgreat18


    Here is for now. [Unrandomizer] ** When you tap unrandomizer settings the first time, it'll show a toast message saying "Loading speedhack...." and "Speedhack is loaded." Maybe this is happening because speedhack and unrandomizer are somehow related. Change "speedhack" to "unrandomizer" or put them together like "Loading speedhack & unrandomizer...". ** Some questions related to unrandomizer - How do we know that a certain game/app is written in Java? or in C? Is there a way to tell even for those who doesn't have knowledge writing programs? - If unrandomizer doesn't work on games written in Java then does it mean it's useless to select checkboxes under "Java" in "Unrandomizer: functions"? Or is this unrelated regardless of what programming language the game was written? - Since unrandomizer affects the random elements in games, can it influence mobs loot/drops too? and items that gave random stuffs when opened like pots, chests and boxes? I'm actually very interested with this new feature but it seems I need better luck finding games where unrandomizer will work. [Feature Requests] ** Allow the use of wildcard (*) character in search where (*) could replace any Hex in the memory address from 0 ~ F. Ex: Search for:'99D' In address: 43AC**** | means from x43AC0000 to x43ACFFFF Reasons/Advantage: - Faster. Since there's only one address to input. - Easier to use. - Noob-friendly. Those users who are not yet very familiar using GG could easily understood what (*) means and when it is to be used. - The use of "From:" and "To:" could be use to refine or further narrow the search range. ** Custom number of entries in selection. (Like select only, and edit, the first 20 of the search results. If what you need wasn't changed, revert then select the next 20 or so entries and try again till you get what you want or already modified all entries) Ex: After refining your search for a couple of times to the point where results could no longer be lowered any further but you still have relatively high number of entries, let's say you still got 150 search results. - Selecting All and modifying them at once would likely cause the game or your system to freeze, or something else unexpected like reboots. - Manually selecting every nth number of results, and modifying them, could be tiring. ** [Help section] In the SW/HW acceleration part, I think it should be stated that it somehow affects the responsiveness/smoothness of the app interface or UI (just correct me if I got this wrong). Although the difference is not that much, at least in my experience, but it should help in some other ROMs or device. Because the current explanation is vague, users wouldn't know what the SW/HW option does. ** [Report] Some previous versions of GG failed to install on my Jellybean (Android 4.1) device but I got no problem with my KitKat (Android 4.4) device. Maybe this issue was already resolved since I installed the last 3 versions of GG just fine, idk, but it's better to report it to be sure. P.S: Thank you devs and GG Team. For bringing this wonderful tool. For listening to your users. For patiently answering questions. And more. Please stay being the best app developer
  4. ivandgreat18


    [Search] ** Negative numbers can be confusing sometimes. I get that -1 and 255 will give the same results but there are times that it made me baffled. I mean, I attributed positive numbers when gaining/increasing something and negative when losing. (Negatives (-) can be useful though, sometimes, in some games, in tricking merchants.) If I wanted my items to be 130 pieces, for example, I input 130 but, to my surprise, GG automatically changed that to its negative equivalent. This also happens when searching for values, GG is searching for the negative counterpart of the positive number I inputed. Then there are times too that it messed up my filters or refined search if I use (value<0), because the address that I needed that holds the value of 130 (for example) is showing a negative number so it got hidden (filter) or deleted (refine). Can't we just let positive numbers be positive and negatives be negative unless specified by the user? ** In search tab, in "Only within memory range:" option, when you select an entry from the memory ranges list, both "From:" and "To:" are only using the initial value. It's like this, when I select Cb: 50375000 - 50F84000 the values of "From": and "To:" will be set to From: 50375000 (ok) To: 50375000 (instead of 50F84000). So I have to set it manually. [History] ** The entry from the history only appends (added at the end) the value entry instead of replacing them. ** Custom limit size of history. Since not all users want to keep very long list of history entries. ** Swipe to delete an entry in the history or something similar. ** A "Delete all history entries" function. [Speed Hack] ** Please add a feature in GG that after the speedhack has been fully loaded, it will automatically select all the green check boxes and deselect the red ones. [String Search] ** When the search result came up, please add a feature that will let the user know what the current value of results refer to what character/symbol. Ex. when I search for the string "sand", If possible, I want the results to be like: [Address] 115 (s) [Address] 97 (a) [Address] 110 (n) [Address] 100 (d) [Address] 115 (s) [Address] 97 (a) ... - This is so that the users will not be confused as to which character they are changing after the script for string search has ended. - Another reason is that most of the time, you don't want to modify all values all at once because this practice often caused game/system instability, which is also true for numeric values, so I prefer to changed them one by one or one group of string at a time. ** You may also want to add string value in the current "converter" (it's the drop down arrow in the modify value window, sorry I don't really know what it's called). Currently, we have for dec,hex, reverse hex and XOR. ** An ASCII table for reference. Makes editing easier. ** I'm actually thinking, this could be simplified if you add a feature that will changed how the values of search results can be displayed. I mean right now, search results are shown in decimals but what if we can change that into hex? or string representation? The value of results will not be changed, only in what "form" they are being displayed which can be changed anytime according to the user's needs. ["Search nearby memories" suggestion] ** Just like the string search, I think it's also possible to adapt SBGame Hacker's "search nearby memory" feature to GG using (LUA) script. I think one way to achieve this is by using 2 different offsets. One of the offset is negative and the other is positive. It will tell GG on how far (above and below) it has to search, for the user's desired value, from the base address. Ex: base address: [42260ae0] Value to search: 100 Offset 1: -15A ( [42260ae0] - 15a = [42260986] ) Offset 2: 15A ( [42260ae0] + 15a = [42260C3A] ) So GG will try to search all the "100"s between the address [42260986] and [42260C3A] [Offset Calculator] ** A filter for the resultant address' "live" value. When using offset calculator, GG will display instantaneously the value of resultant address (base address + offset) which is good for quick info lookup but it shows all the values for all datatypes all at once. This made it look confusing and more complicated than it should have. ** Add a "Save" button/feature that quickly adds the resultant address to the saved list without going to the memory editor or leaving the offset calculator. This is great when working with multiple offsets for one base address. Ex: (This is from Inotia 3. The offsets, item ID's, Attributes, etc. used here are real and can be verified by anyone who's interested except for the memory address which changes per device and if you didn't exit the game correctly. Similar pattern can be found in Inotia 4 and many GameVil, Com2Us, and other games.) Let's say, I found out that the address [50EAFD33] held the value for an item's quantity. Using that as the base address, I can simply add/subtract a certain offset there to get the address for Item ID, Attributes etc. just like the example below: *[50EAFD33] - 7 = [50EAFD2C] / ItemID (62080 = Adventurer's Set | 54848 = Consecrated Warrior's Emblem | 51968 = Dice of Chaos) *[50EAFD33] - 1 = [50EAFD32] / ItemEnhanceLevel (8432 = +31 / it's F0 in hex, where the F part is the key) *[50EAFD33] + 2BCD = [50EB2900] / Ether(Option)Value The beauty of using offsets is that it saves yourself from doing doing a number of searches. Instead, you just have to add/subtract an offset. It's faster, more effective and more accurate since memory address may change but the offsets you need to use remains the same. [Memory Editor] ** [Minor issue] In the Memory Editor tab, when you select an address, the "Go to" button is still there where in you are already at the address you want to be so this should be removed or replaced by other menu/function. ** [2 issues here] By defeault, the memory address are separated/grouped by DWORD or offset of 4 (Please tell me the right term to use for this cause honestly I don't know) I mean, it'll be like, [50BAFD30] [50BAFD34] [50BAFD38] [Issue #1] Since address are grouped into DWORD's, users can't see WORD and BYTE's current values (unless enabled in Value format), so can you have an "auto-collapse" feature of the DWORD address. It'll be like this, Let's say, after selecting an entry from search results which is [50BAFD37] then I use "Go to" and ... [50BAFD30] <D;> - [50BAFD34] <D;W;B;> - [50BAFD35] <B;> - [50BAFD36] <W;B;> - [50BAFD37] <D;> [50BAFD38] <D;> Only the cluster that holds the address [50BAFD37] will collapse, the other will remain as they are. Or a simpler solution is to enable WORD and BYTE in Value format by default. [Issue #2] If what appears in the search result is either is a WORD or a BYTE, when you go to that address and try to change them, their current value will be shown as "0" even if that wasn't true as they have real values. I also noticed that, - Other data types are ok though and is showing their real values. It's only WORD and BYTE being weird. - Sometimes WORD and BYTE data are showing their values correctly but it happens more often that they show "0" - If you enabled WORD and BYTE in Value format, their values are being displayed correctly. "0" value appears only when address are group into DWORD. ** Add a feature in the memory editor will show only the Hex values of the the address but are arranged in rows and columns, instead of list sort order; it's similar to "View Memory" of GameKiller. The advantage of arranging Hex values in rows and columns is that it's easier to study the relationship between them. Also makes working with hex easier. There are games that can be deciphered easier this way such an Inotia and Zenonia series. ** Similar to above, add a feature that shows string values only which are arranged in rows and columns. Easier to work with compared to being shown in list. [Misc.] ** Add "Clear GG settings for this game" feature. Resets memory ranges, speedhack, history and other related settings for that game only. Does not affect stored settings of other games. No need for us to mention this, but you sir is the best app developer. May you have an enjoyable holidays.
  5. ivandgreat18


    In the main download page, there's another GG v8.44.0 with different change log, you uploaded v8.44.0 twice so I'm guessing it should be v8.44.1 or something? **[Request] GG can kill a game/process, can you also add an option to kill multiple (other, except the game) processes? GG will function like a task killer, sort of, to gain/free up additional memory while playing. I know it's out of the intended scope of GG but it'll help users. It's just another suggestion anyway. ** [Request] In the process selection menu, add an option to hide system processes and other processes you want GG to ignore. They only clutter the process list and it's unlikely that user will chose those, anyway. ** [Issue] When you do a fuzzy search, lets say you search for WORD or DWORD then you do exact search but the datatype was set to BYTE because of your previous search, it will return an empty search result. And all your searches will be wasted. Understandably, it's the user's fault but can you do something about this like automatically sync fuzzy search datatype with the exact search? I don't know really but I'll just leave it to you dev. ** [Request] You can set the memory ranges in the GG settings like to search in JavaHeap only but, even so, in the search tab all memory regions will still be shown (in the "only within the memory ranges" option) so can you add a filter there so that user can only select the regions they want to search. ** Are you still active in coolapk site?
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