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  1. I did this the day the game was released. The problem is, after doing it the games don't save. So you finish a map and then next time you go into the game it is back to were you were saved right before you did the cheat.
  2. I use Internet banking on my phone and I installed freedom yesterday, now I am a tad worried about how safe this freedom is. I have Uninstalled freedom though is it safe to use Internet banking now?
  3. Is it safe to use modded play store and freedom if we have a credit card linked to it?
  4. Yes please explain to us noobs what it is
  5. Why was it removed from play store?
  6. Thanks but can you please link me to the modded version because I can't seem to find it through tamarack search.
  7. Game: same as name of thread Version: 2.030 What Hack am I looking for: XP & money Tried hacking?: I've tried using hex editor but every time I change a value in account.bin file everything in the game resets back to the beginning (lose everything, xp, money, etc) If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I watch tutorials for example temple run 2. I search a value then use some diamonds and then search the new value and get "0 found". Why? Same with bloons td5 Nothing is working.
  9. once again I did the exact same thing but it comes as as "0 found" on the second search..... why??????????
  10. I did the exact same thing you did but one the third search when I typed in 2 and hit search it found 0 entries... Why???
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