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  1. Okay then, I appreciate that. I do see the global spread of Game Guardian's users. Thank you for your input as well. From what you're saying this catch me if you can is intentional and not some sort of hijack (as someone else suggested), correct? Thank you all!
  2. I'm not sure if this does not constitute as an answer. I never said I didn't trust Game Guardian*. I have been on this site for only a few weeks and can see it is full of supportive individuals all just trying to have fun with an app. My question is really nothing more than a need for assurance. Throughout this thread I have noticed other's have noticed this "catch me if you can" apk but have yet to see an explanation as to what this apk is. Please do not jump to conclusions and put words in my mouth. I am not looking for any trouble, only answers. Edit: Game guardian or it's developers*
  3. Forgive me if this was asked, though I am 99% sure it hasn't come up yet because I did thorough searching using the site's search engine as well as third party engines. This morning I attempted to download and install game guardian (using this site's download link), and when I opened up the .apk there were quite a few flashes on my screen which instantly made me panic and think I might have messed up and downloaded some nefarious application. I quickly uninstalled, wiped, did all I could and I noticed that when I installed Game Guardian there was a second app installed, same icon and everything, called catch.me.if.you.can. Now, I already know that antivirus and other security programs will flag Game Guardian as dangerous software because of its inherent nature, but I really need some assurance that Game Guardian.net is not a group of malicious individuals. More importantly, what is this second apk that was downloaded and installed? I really am worried right now and want to know if anyone can explain this Catch.Me.If.You.Can deal. Bless you all in advance.
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