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  1. What programs do i need to use when live debugging?
  2. @Enyby yup there's plenty of sub_xxx function there. I tried Shift+F12 but didn't get any results. Also tried to find in the Functions Window. Maybe i need to do a live debugging?
  3. @Enyby in its lib>armeabi it contains: -libc++_shared.so -libcocos2dlua.so -libmp3lame.so I put all of them in IDA PRO 6.8 but i found no functions like health skills etc. The guy from alphagamers.net said i wouldn't get anything from these files.
  4. @Enyby hmmmm like what? Sorry guys i really tried to google things...
  5. Really? Thanks @Skullboyq ! Finally, a decent tutorial for apk modding... but question, is it modifiable? Apps that are server-sided?
  6. @Skullboyq here take a look at this: http://imgur.com/hQ6VCxD By the way, this game is called Pocket Three Kingdoms (Pocket Summoners). It is a server-sided apk which i am trying to create a modded apk. Any suggestions? Here was the post I posted on the other forum that i was talking about: https://www.alphagamers.net/threads/how-can-i-find-the-correct-so.164758/ You can look at circleous comment at my post. He wasn't replying to my comments so I posted a help in this forum.
  7. I managed to decompile the apk using AdvancedApkTool by BDFreak. Some guy in other forum told me that I won't find anything in its lib folder. He gave me a hint that it uses lua and told me that i should decompile/decrypt it. So how do I decrpyt lua files? The one i found in the internet was decrypting .luac files not the lua files itself. I opened some of its lua files using Sublime Text 2 and it contains a somewhat memory addresses. Any help out here?
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