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  1. No... a little english works don't translate to vietnamese.. so i hard translate
  2. still such abandon. be a little faster
  3. it is difficult for me because i am vietnamese and I understand little English. I write by translate.google.com
  4. hope admin help 2015-11-16-19-48-59.txt
  5. its slow scan. may not find results... version game guardian 8.0.0.. my smartphone: honor 4c android 5.1.1. forward error fix version from admin.
  6. Due to the fact that erroneous appeals of the form have become frequent: "My new version does not work, and the old version worked. In the new version there is an error." The following is a list of steps you must follow, otherwise your message will be ignored: 1. Try to give root rights to other applications (not GG). Root rights must be issued and operated. How to check for root in the terminal emulator If there is no root So you have problems with the root. Try to rearrange it, change its settings, or roll back to the previous version. Solve these questions in the topic of your root. 2. Install the old version of GG. It must work. If it doesn't work 3. Delete all the versions of GG, and then install the new version of GG clean. It should not work. If it works This problem was temporary, or was related to settings transferred from the old version. 4. Write logcat and video for the old version, and then for the new one. The actions there must be the same. It is desirable in general on the same process. For the old version of the error should not be. For the new - it should be. That's just after all this, you can write here with logs and videos from both versions.
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