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  1. Ah, alright. Means it still won't work anyway (still counts as x86). Thanks for the info!
  2. Ah dang, alright. One question (might be FAQ, but want to make sure).. Since there's Bluestacks with 64bit Android now, would speedhack not work as well? Playing a game that currently needs 64bit android, else wouldn't install. Testing the speedhack on parallel space too, because game won't run with root (I did get it to root, but can't use GG if unrooted... eh..) Or does it still get counted as x86? GG keeps saying "This game doesn't have x86 libraries".
  3. Alright, waiting for the good news
  4. Are logcat supposed to be this big? o0 Game tested: Last Cloudia Before the huge update yesterday (apk change), the game works fine with speedhack. Since the update, they changed how their app behaves. I'm not sure how to really explain it, but there are several lastcloudia processes when I just started it. After awhile, theres only 2 (with everything being x64). Previously it only had 1 process before the apk change. GG_logcat_r87.5_15723_8.1.0_27.log
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