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  1. I guess this is better hacked by modding lib???.so files than by memory hacking. And that is another story.
  2. video2~1.webm video2~1.webm I hope this one uploads correctly, stamina is stored 16 bits away from health, i.e, add 0x10 to health address and you'll get stamina. the initial health value can be found too, you can change it to whatever you want and see the change within the fight, but any damage will reset it to the original value. no traceable pointers or addresses that access any of the variables, mainly server sided. so no static address could be found - or lets say , i couldn't find - . easier way to spot health fast is by using AOB, but since all fights return data verification error ( in advanced camp) , there is no point.
  3. for some reason the video didn't upload correctly ...
  4. this is what i mean !! video2.mp4
  5. hi again, it seems its only effective at the beginning, where nothing matters. like you don't have a certain team power limit. the strange thing is that if you replay your winning battle you'll find that you are actually dead and yet victorious. maybe that's what makes the error in the collected data after the match. i will try to spot the start of this data verifying. any thoughts will be appreciable. p.S.: i am trying to monitor traffic between the game and the server, but not many connections.
  6. hi everyone, i've been working on this a bit . for a beginner account you can change health and stamina, freeze the value and win through the chapter (1 and two at least). in another way advanced account, this wont apply on wizz or team hunt as it returns "couldnt verify game data" at the end of the match, and thus, no score or winning result is taken into account. in main camp, increasing power or freezing stamin bar gives the same error, but i honesty couldnt win a fight by freezing health so i cant confirm. in tower, i managed to win one floor with freezing 3 players' health, but got an error when trying to apply next day. if anyone anaged or know how to go around data verification it would be nice, even resetting values before game end not working. have a nice day all
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