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  1. As we got a new track, Race Changer would be a nice hack again.
  2. Tested on MEmu, emulating an Asus ROG (as I searched it's a 64 bit device, but I',m not sure about that). Same result as BostjanZ.
  3. My friend, you are really fast. Thanks a lot.
  4. Sorry, I didn't see your post before. Did you set your game's privacy police like MarioRossi told on the first page of comments? [added 2 minutes later] Did you set the privacy police like MarioRossi told?
  5. It´s working here, With both 8.8.1 and 8.8.2 RR3 versions.
  6. If you allow me to make a sugestion, I think that since the new track (Monte Carlo) is restricted to F-One series, if you could make a script enabling it for other cars/Series it would be really apreciated. Thanks for all your previous work.
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