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  1. Hi Mario, I have studied a little bit the statistics with several profiles. All profiles of my friends and mine as well where we used to hack with Lucky Patcher is changed irremediably. Then I have tried on a new profile from scratch and it works properly. thanks again for all your support. Raffa
  2. Hello Mario, I have tried again following the procedure above and changing only earnings. Neither with Mi pad 4 Plus nor with Bluestacks (One Plus 5) I was able to save. It's not my profile but that one of my friend with a very unbalanced earnings. Then, I have tried with my rr3 profile as well and it doesn't work. Not clear to me where is the blocking step.
  3. Hi Mario, Thanks for your reply. I have changed all the parameters days included. I will try with only values because earning is the problem and I will post the result here. Not sure what went wrong but I have followed the procedure as written above. Let me try again and save. Thanks
  4. Hello Mario, thanks for sharing. Just tried (saved locally, disconnect fb google, disconnect internet): -first step the script works and I have changed some parameters -second step close gg, rr3 -third step launch rr3, activating internet and login FB Well at this stage I tried to save in local and I was not able to do it. It appears the back-up of hours before not the last save. So, I tried to move to TT where there is a clear indication if profile is up and running correctly. When I tried to complete the week tt with a ghost I was not able to get the ghost, this happens every time I use GG and change some data like the hack_car script. Do you have an idea if this is general or it happened only to me? thanks in advance for your support guys, you are excellent in testing and releasing new script. Cheers, Raffa
  5. Dear Mario and Igor, Thanks for this script because it saved one of my friend....he was aggressive with endurance script, too many level gained and too much values as well.. after 2 consecutive ban I will remodel some part of his profile. Thanks always for your continuous support Cheers, Raffa
  6. Hello Mario, thanks for taking care of inform us, Please let me know when you will solve the issue. Grazie
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