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  1. Ok bro I hacked with changing parameters It was easier for me Will keep it in mind the limit Thanks
  2. Umm i was worried cox it's my 1st time i got banned And i also did hack only to get some gold Rest i am. Farming a lot Playing each n every race Earning M$ and R$ legit way Only gold is very hard to come by
  3. Ok sir Thanks I will try and let you know if it works Thanks Appreciate it a lot
  4. No i didn't got any pop-up or notification The way i found out was i was unable to save game progress on cloud save It says connection not possible or working N then when i started a game It says i am banned Otherwise if i logout I can play normally And continue with my career If i keep playing like this Will i be able to save on cloud save after 1 year? Coz if i start new I will loose all time limited cars Right
  5. Ok thanks a lot I was nt aware of this I did started by small amount Like 50 Then 100 Then 200 N it was ok So now will i get un banned or permanent banned
  6. How much is the limit to hack without getting ban?
  7. Okay Thank for your time Have a nice day God bless you
  8. Umm I'm sorry but i didn't get you what you meant to say
  9. But i used parallel space And used game guardian to get some gold by some changing numbers Everyone in YouTube says its not gona get you banned Do you know how much this ban would last and what can i loose?
  10. Hi Umm i am new to game guardian hacking Please help me if anyone knows or gone through my same situation I installed parallel space Installed game guardian And added real racing 3 to parallel space Hacked for gold Which i was told was not gone get me ban But it did I got banned Can't use cloud save Please anyone can share some information with me Thanks a lot in advance
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