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  1. hayatog

    Mario Kart tour

    You tried using the method that i said? [added 0 minutes later] So, you do that on race? on menu? or finishing the race? [added 0 minutes later] With Wifi On or off?
  2. hayatog

    Mario Kart tour

    After that last update, is working? I'm not banned with 99999999 coins, but, on another account the cheat isn't working. You have to search the value of your coins on XOR crypted, play to get coins, filter the new value, race again, filter the new value, race again, filter again and... change the value, but, you have to ADD 10000 on the value. But, the game is freezing when i return Worked on my official account the first time [added 2 minutes later] Oh, and... Sorry about the tutorial, i didn't make because isn't working for me I promise if work, i will do a video or write about that with details
  3. hayatog

    Mario Kart tour

    Sounds nice. And, if you do a tutorial of how to write a script?
  4. hayatog

    Mario Kart tour

    Maybe because your account is recently created. Play for 1 or 2 days and try to do the changes
  5. hayatog

    Mario Kart tour

    People, If you want to change the coins value, you have to see this tutorial first: Youtube Tutorial And, search the coins on encrypted memory, after find the memory spaces (ONLY XOR) that are used to coins, you have to ADD a value, don't overwrite the current value, just add. @noFear are making a script: I don't know how to change the score, points, etc, only coins.
  6. Maybe yes, but we have to know the value of this "speed" for only one character to search on the memory. If you know that, you can do everything
  7. hayatog

    Mario Kart tour

    Now I know how to do that. Tonight i Will do a tutorial
  8. hayatog

    Mario Kart tour

    CroqueMr how did you do that? I want to change my score and coins but isn't working :(
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