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  1. Teach me how can i make script of last day on earth survival game,
  2. Where is your new scripts ? ADD your new scripts we are waiting.
  3. Your scripts1.2.a, 1.1.a, Are not working , i remembered I was get a script from you name was auto script that's worked very nice , but your current scripts are not working, can you update your old one script Name fareeha. Thx awaiting for update. Script ended: Failed to find id. Operating system: x32/x86 Mode: Purchase mode Version: 1.14.1 Item name: Gasoline Code: 17;1694528000;1862300416;1912632576;1694524160;1728077568;1929404672;25856::37 Copy and send this to me in www.gameguardian.com. Script wrote 88 B in 3 files
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