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  1. Updated guide to running any old version offline, based on kokokeke post Requirements: - Root - Titanium Backup - Older apk version (in this case 1.4.13) Instructions: 1. Install newest apk, you will be forced to create a new profile, then do the full update and close the game 2. Turn off any internet connection 3. Using Root Explorer (or any other file manager) edit the file "data/data/com.makingfun.mageandminions/files/update_complete" and change version from current to older one (in this case 1.4.13) 4. Delete "play_stats.csv", "player.player.dat" files and "profiles" folder from the same location 5. Backup the game using Titanium Backup 6. Uninstall the game (in my case 1.4.16), and install older version (1.4.13) 7. Restore DATA ONLY using Titanium Backup 8. Launch the game and if everything went correctly you will be able to create new profile and enter the game, launch the old lua script version, do anything you want, finish first level and close the game (recheck to see if everything was saved) 9. Finally restore newest version APK ONLY with Titanium Backup and switch update_complete back to newest version (1.4.16)
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