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  1. I can hack the camo from the rewards the commander chief I paid for if you can help me I'll help you if you dont mind starting over I can hook you up with Chief and Alex but depends what you can share with me that I dont know already
  2. I've managed to hack the rewards for exo desert dot camo and what am trying to figure out is how to find legendary +items so I can make the drop rate 100% from the 2 % but I musta ***** something up because I get alot of green gear once and in a blue I get a purple someone care to help me I will explain how to hack the rewards on discord let me know I've hack a few other things sharing is caring who ever help me I will share with you what I know I can hack money mission % the rewards and 2 more things that are my secret if someone can help me out I will share what I know
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