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  1. Its like he just quit gg and moved on... well what ever hes doing hope it's making happy [added 1 minute later] Him*
  2. I'll try but I'm kinda a noob at this for me to try to practice
  3. Its seversided my friend
  4. Hi So I've been using gg for awhile and I been succeeding most of the time but I think I can do better. I want to ask you all to give me some suggestions of games or way to find vaules so I can practice and improve. If you can just please help me out here it would be much appreciated Other that have a good day Mrkemo
  5. Sudo app no work for Android 9 ?!?!?!
  6. I've tried yesterday I'm pretty sure its xor or seversided I fell a sleep while doing xor so I'm try that in a few mins and I found a way to get always critical attack other than that no luck
  7. Mrkemoo

    infinitode 2

    Like try to hack it?
  8. Also do you use a virtual space or are you rooted I'm don't have a rooted phone I just need to know before I even try
  9. Mrkemoo


    I found this vaule that flung me out of map and into the void on this game called bad nerd 20190719_112753_edited.mp4
  10. Mrkemoo


    For everyone who see this sorry for the typos
  11. Mrkemoo


    For a month in a half I been trying find any use ful value for this game Im starting to think its seversided I need yall help if yall can find any vaule I hate play this game it takes days to be able to level up and gain ingame currency and it just get boring also If any of yall now anyways to find value plz do tell I'm willing to learn also I dont have root I'm playing to a rooted device sometime soon
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