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  1. Requesting any possible hacks for the game PokeMMO. I have tried and tried but cannot find anything. Has anyone tried already? Or could someone please try find something exploitable for me? The website - https://pokemmo.eu/ Please comment below or message me if you're able to find anything! Cheers, Lucifer
  2. I can vouch for MuP. This is a legit private server for MU Origins 2 and is the best mobile private server I've ever come across. Although Game Guardian doesn't work to modify anything, you honestly don't need it. You get 400+ diamond every minute that you're online and then on top of that you get 305,000 diamonds every 8 hours (which you have to manually redeem). He wasn't lying about it equating to 1m+. Along with the ridiculously awesome amount of premium currency you get for free, there's the exp you receive per kill which is absolutely perfect. The rebirth system is fully functional up to rebirth 16 and something else to help you out is their Discord channel which is extremely active with plenty of support from both admin and experienced players. I'm not getting paid to say any of this ***** either lol, I just love the server they created and am very excited to speak up for them, as they have done an amazing job with it so far. If you get online, definitely jump on their discord channel. In game I'm on server 39, IGN Lucifer2207. Cheers! And MuP, you're a legend mate
  3. This is an open request for help hacking the game Evertale. I have managed to freeze health values to make myself invulnerable, change the Silver in game currency to buy weapons and all that, but I cannot change the Gold or Soulstone currency, or at least not make it keep the value I change it to. I managed to change the value of both, but it does not hold its value and cannot be used as though I actually have the amount I've changed it to. This is really annoying because the best gear and characters obtainable is through Soulstone currency. Another thing is I can't change exp, attack, hp or defence values outside of freezing health in a match. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Lucifer.
  4. Hey mate, I'm having the exact same issue. I managed to change the value of Gold and Crystal(Gem) currency, as shown in the image attached, but they don't hold. As soon as I do anything like a match or something it all reverts to its original value. Silver currency is able to be changed and hold its value though. Have you had any luck since? Cheers
  5. Hi guys and girls, I recently downloaded pokemon quest again for the first time since last year and just wanted to know if anyone is still actively playing/hacking it? I'm pretty new to using Game Guardian but have had heaps of experience using stuff like hex editor and cheat engine on pc over the years. This morning I found some interesting modifications on pokemon quest, so I would love to share them and also find out how anyone else has gone with modifying their game. (moderators please be aware that when this changes from general discussion to guide/cheats I will be happy to move it along to their, for now I'm just asking the questions) Cheers all
  6. Lucifer2207

    Pokemon Quest

    Hi guys, I don't know if anyone is still following this post but it has helped me out immensely. I just got game guardian 2 days ago and have been tinkering with pokemon quest heaps, especially with what everyone here has mentioned. Something I found this morning is you can modify the Gold support stone to appear every match if you want to. Simply search for the number of levels it's up to and narrow it down by adding 1 each time it goes up until you're left with about 5 or so addresses, then freeze them and set it to 10 and you're done! Gold stones every level. I found it best to just do an auto search for this one. Cheers!
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