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  1. Your Encrypt is weak I just Decrypted your Encrypt tool Lel
    Easy Decrypted LoL Needs to be Updated!!!! Hhahah weak Encryptionn!!!!!
  2. LoL Noobs Cant Decrypt LoL Just Only 1 Minute Its Allready Decrypted
  3. Hi guys I Just Made A Script !! For example: gg.searchNumber('5646868', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) <-- encrypted Script And For Print: gg.searchNumber('5646868', 16) <-- Print Value From Encrypted Script It Almost Done I just need A Anti-Exit For It And It Will Released SOON!!! If You Help Me Make Anti-Exit Then send it on comment Section Below And Help Me To Ignore function"return" Thank You
  4. You Can Search Value For Diamonds Only Use This: Double Type Or Xor Or Qword It Works on me
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