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  1. I'm not sure either, I have been trying to search for string values to locate the attack of a weapon. I have found numerous values, but i am unsure of how to change them properly. Same with changing the item picked up, i am using BECCAMODS script as a base of reference. This is no longer a viable option, as you can no longer use coins to purchase from the store. But i figured if the value of an item can be altered, "if i find the value of an item i will pick up, can i change that item to something else?".
  2. No longer working. The game will tell you to update.
  3. Never mind all, found a different way to cheat so my guys all have 999999 atk, def, and hp. Ask if you want to know.
  4. I have success using game guardian on only 3 things. But my only request is, how to cheat so only specific colored balls appear. If anyone wants to know, the three things i can use GG to find and alter (that make a difference) are dice rolls, my hp/dokken meter, and my opponents hp. Hope this helps my fellow GG users, L2C
  5. This is more a formal request to BadCase. I have used your downloadable Script launcher, and i was able to learn some things. Firstly thank you for your hard work, I wish i had my own money to donate so my request would have a bit more weight. Here is my problem; (and please if anyone else knows feel free to answer) I am unaware of the following steps after the initial group search for changing an item into another one. I don't know if it is simply my system that has POS memory, if a recent update nulls the script from following the ping/trace back to its source (to run your script it requires online access), or if the script was coded for standard and I run premium. One example of the first steps i am able to trace from your script: To get gun "TT-33" First step group search 2D;166B;166B But the script crashes after that, and i am unable to guess/figure out the following steps. If you (or anyone else) is/are willing, please help me get to the next step (or to the end) of the process. Ps. Also if it is possible, hacking weight and movement speed would render all the above mentioned request null and void. Thank you for your time, L2C
  6. Hi all, After having GG for a couple of years now and using the site I finally decided to really create an account. I'm really happy to be here amongst fellow like-minded Gamers who just want to play, thanks for all the help so far in the past and thanks for all the help is coming up in the future. -
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