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  1. QBear910

    Archero Script

    yeah me too Really don't know where do I done it wrong.
  2. QBear910

    Archero Script

    Can't work when using the script, the gameguardian keep flashing black,when searching, it autoclose
  3. is there any hack for this game?or scripts。
  4. Does the damage stat change hack only works on the first character?
  5. somehow the exp hack just show you how much you level up,but later when you get back to the lobby it turn back to your level example i am level 27 when i use the hack i level up to 33 after get back to the lobby i am back to level 27
  6. I know but the number of the chest didnt change
  7. not working tried many times still cannot
  8. Is there anyway to change the attack of the card or others?
  9. i already hack it by myself but the search i use is qword
  10. now it exit the game or freeze the game.It happend when at the start of second loading.
  11. still freeze the game
  12. crash of cars coin hack didnt work。 it freeze the game,but the gems hack work nicely
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