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Api Tool For Gameguardian

How to use:

local apiTool = gg.makeRequest("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AngellessS/Advance-Force/main/API/api.lua").content
if apiTool == nil then gg.alert("Connection failed.") os.exit() end



apiTool = require("/storage/emulated/0/api.lua")


-string.split(string, separation) -> table

-gg.newFolder(directory) -> nil

-gg.replaceFile(old file dir, new file dir) -> nil

-gg.checkPath(dir) -> bool

-math.binToDec(string binary) -> number 

-math.decToBin(number) -> string

-math.decToHex(number) -> string

-math.hexToDec(string hex) -> number

-math.decToFloat(number) -> float number

-math.hexToFloat(string hex) -> float number

-math.floatToDec(float number) -> number

-math.floatToHex(float number) -> string

-adf. isRoot() -> bool

-adf. readLine(file dir) -> table

-adf. memorySearch(Value, Type) -> nil

-adf. memoryOffser(Value, Offset, Type) -> nil

-adf.memoryClear() -> nil

-adf. memoryWrite(Value, Offset, Type) -> nil

info() -> table


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