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Harvest Land - only responds to time hack a little and values cant be changed

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Hi! Im new and not so smart here, checked out the simple tutorials thou

Harvest Land seems to be super cheat proof, or I dont know the methods - in which case Id love an advice what tutorial or method with GG should i look for

When i change values, they change back and/or game crashes - well, expected. I also found they use additionally to DWord as well Floats that dont change.

Time hack option crashes the game, the game restarts. If I try with onscreen time hack where I press the arrows, it responds a little, isnt completely dead, but the time moves faster just for one object I have currently chosen. If I go too fast, the whole gane crashes.

Additionally, is there a way to input a cheat code in GG? I found some online (not sure if they work) but Id love to try

Advice much appreciated. 

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