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I want to cheat Bleach Immortal Soul, I tried everything, but nothing worked.

Soul Jade, Power, anything

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    • By UNH090
      View File Shadow of death hack script by: UNH
      -if your first time to download this script please read information. 
      -offline Users only
      Submitter UNH090 Submitted 12/15/2019 Category LUA scripts  
    • By UNH090
      -if your first time to download this script please read information. 
      -offline Users only
    • By BajSh
      Hello, I was wondering if I can somehow change the char drop rate drop in a gacha game. The game is Bleach Brave Souls.
      The normal drop rate is 3% in a banner, sometimes 6% and from time to time it changes as you "summon" more, from 3-4-6-7 f.e.
      So is there a way to change these values with GG so i can have a 100% char drop rate, or increase it to an amount that I am guarantee to have a 5* in a few tries.
      The resources are really low compared to the number of banners. So maybe this could even the field (and make it more enjoyable 3:)... ).
    • By Eishohaki
      So Ill say this first... I'm a noob okay ??.
      But basically Ive been looking all over for a way to easily find an address, that's drastically changing from mission to mission (HP).
      I've read about people finding the damage to hp code and changing them (but I don't that's an option here?? Plus I can't code..). Now offset could work but it could change from BFD1D1E8 to CAA3F4J1.. (the health value can be changed with Dword and 2 scans. However in multiplayer lobbies and such, it's too much of a pain to change it without taking damage (all enemies move independently for everyone))
      Any advice would be helpful
      (The game is Bleach Brave Souls, a server sided RPG)
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