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I need help with this

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    • By Travian
      Today my account have been moved to naughty island and I don't know what I did wrong.
      I hacked like a lot of times before:
      - Smartphone was offline
      - I changed with GG the bonus of 3 Simcash in 30.000 Simcash and claimed the bonus
      - I upgraded 9 times the storage (from 650 to 695), expanded some city expansions, not all of them, bought the todays action of expansion objects for something like 265 simcash, I expanded 3 beach expansions and gave the rest of the simcash for some trees.
      - At the end i had less simcash than before the hack
      I stopped the game, left the smartphone for one hour offline and after that I started the game online.
      Since then I am on naughty island.

      What was I doing wrong? I hacked like this at least 10 times on different accounts and had no problems.
      Except last week, when another account was soft banned after a hack like this. There I expanded the storage to maximum (700) and released all city expansions from the capital city. In that case I thought, that the maximum storage was the problem. That's why today I went only to 695. But it didn't helped, I'm banned now.
    • By Warrior77
      Hello Guys,
      Anyone knows how to play with simcity data files? Please DM if you know so we can talk the rest.
    • By Warrior77
      following last update GG doesnt work on simcity but I see some people still hacking the game so any ideas?
      Have a great day
    • By Uche08
      Help!! My group is drowning
      How can I have sim City war ?
      More scripts from the creator
      This script can be used to acquire:
      *Unlimited simcash
      *Unlimited simoleons
      *Store items reduced to cost 0
      *Unlock all levels
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