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How Can i minimize menu of Lua script MultiChoice

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Hello,  I Need some help. How can i minimize menu of lua script With MultiChoice, and when i click GG button the menu show again? Please answer my question.

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    • By Pegasus95
      Hi, I wanted to know if it was possible in a script to have a menu of choice (gg.choice) with the addition of other keys below like in gg.alert. To understand better, have in gg.alert the possibility to choose as gg.choice
    • By PadMad
      l I tried to translate a script with a function gg.choice to gg.multiChoice.
      I don't know, why after selecting functions and pressing a button "ok", the script does nothing.
      function main()
      menu = gg.multiChoice({'💨Super Speed ON(BUG)😧','Super Speed OFF','☁️Air Speed ON️','⬇️Air Speed OFF️','⬆️Gravity x3 ON️','⬇️Gravity x3 OFF','💻Developer Fly ON (Detect)','Developer Fly OFF️','⏩SpeedHack v.2 x2 ON','▶️SpeedHack v.2 x2 OFF','⏩SpeedHack v.2 x5 ON','▶️SpeedHack v.2 x5 OFF','🔴Big NickName ON','⭕Big NickName OFF','♻️Head Rotate ON','Head Rotate OFF','Exit'},Lasttl,'Made By PadMad')
      if menu == nil then 
      if menu == 1 then SM(K) end
      if menu == 2 then SM1(K) end
      if menu == 3 then SM2(K) end
      if menu == 4 then SM3(K) end
      if menu == 5 then SM4(K) end
      if menu == 6 then SM5(K) end
      if menu == 7 then SM6(K) end
      if menu == 8 then SM7(K) end
      if menu == 9 then SM8(K) end
      if menu == 10 then SM9(K) end
      if menu == 11 then SM10(K) end
      if menu == 12 then SM11(K) end
      if menu == 13 then SM12(K) end
      if menu == 14 then SM13(K) end
      if menu == 15 then SM14(K) end
      if menu == 16 then SM15(K) end
      if menu == 17 then SM16(K) end
      function SM(K)
      gg.toast('Скорость ходьбы ON!')
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